2019 Officers Sworn In

Rockville City Councilmembers Virginia Onley and Mark Pierzchala swore in the newly elected and appointed RVFD officers for 2019 at the membership meeting held on January 30, 2019.

Those sworn in include:

Fire Chief – James Vagonis
First Deputy Fire Chief – Craig Lazar
Deputy Chiefs – Jonathan Berry, William Dunn, Scott Emmons and Christopher Hinde
Assistant Chiefs – Leonard Chornock and Russell Dawson
Captains – Stephen Fay, Avital Graves, Robert James, James Seavey, Raymond Whalen
Lieutenants – Robert Cousins, Scott Cushing, Diane Evans, Adam Goldstein, Diana Huestis, Andy Hurwitz, Brenda Mannix
Shift Leaders/Assistant Shift Leaders – Analis Amaro, Alex Cederbaum, Christopher Hallock, Johnny Hsiung, Alexander Linke, James Shank

President – Eric Bernard
Vice President – Brenda Mannix
Secretary – Russell Dawson
Treasurer – Ian Weston

Board of Directors – Alex Cederbaum, Sean Ferrary, Avital Graves, Christopher Hallock, Thomas Kavanagh, Guy Poirier, James Shank

General Counsel – Stanley Soya

Trial Board – Michael Ader, Michael Bobrow, Alan Hinde, Michael Kronzek, Peter Jacob Mummey, Roger Williamson, Steve Wolf

MCVFRA Alternate – Alex Cederbaum

Congratulations to all and best wishes for a successful year.

Photo by Ed Tenney

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