2020 Santa Run Schedule

RVFD is pleased to announce the 2020 Santa Run schedule. Santa and other fire trucks will visit various neighborhoods in the Rockville area to welcome the Christmas season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to stop along the route or pass out candy canes as in previous years.

Come to your window or come to the curb and wave to Santa as we pass through your neighborhood. Be sure to wear a mask and maintain your distance to keep everyone safe!
Also, PLEASE keep your street clear! Santa and his fire truck escort cannot visit houses where the streets (especially cul-de-sacs) are blocked by vehicles! Santa also cannot visit streets without a turn-around (i.e. Dead End Streets). Watch for Santa on the following evenings between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. We are also not able to visit every street in every neighborhood.
Click on the neighborhood name, which will open a new window, to view the route Santa and his fire truck escorts will take.
Sun, 12/20West End
Mon, 12/21Horizon Hill / Eton Overlook, Crocus Dr., Blossom Dr. Ivy League Lane
Tues, 12/22Hungerford / Stoneridge / Americana Center
Wed, 12/23Rockcrest / Twinbrook (RMHS side)
Thu, 12/24

Toy Deliveries

Please understand that Santa Claus and the RVFD are very busy during the month of December.  Our members do our very best to proudly continue this 60+ year tradition for our community.  To ensure your best chances to see Santa, we ask that you check the schedule, monitor RVFD Facebook for live updates and listen up for sirens.  Due to the increased size of our fire apparatus it has become impossible to drive down every street.  We also ask that you do not follow Santa in your car in attempts to get his attention; this is very dangerous and distracts the reindeer which may cause an accident.

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  1. Hi! I live on Grandin Circle and I was pleased to See Santa and all the fire trucks coming up my road .It was great and I wanted yo take a picture but it was too late ,I couldn’t get my phone in time .I’ve got a total of 9 grandchildren and 7 of them live on at 7007 Lemay Road .They were suppose to get a visit from Santa the night before but because of the weather they couldn’t make it .My 5 yr old granddaughter got so excited thinking that Santa was going to her house next that she ran outside and waited for you all to come but never showed up .Can you please go visit them with your drive by at some point please ?I would really appreciate it .The youngest boy is 2 and he would love it ,like most kids do . Thank you .Merry Christmas and stay safe .

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