The Auxiliary was founded in May of 1971 by the “Dirty Dozen” who consisted of the following people: Audith “Fannie” Thomas, Carolyn Lewis, Pat Ferguson, Pat Kinder, Alice Mills, Jackie Herrington, Darlene Williams, Brenda Wallace, Wendy Wiegel, Doris Mossburg, Carol Graham, Cecil Tolbert, Aleaze Owens, and Eva Wilt. From May of 1971 to 1974 the Auxiliary served snacks and drinks from the back of Fannie’s old station wagon-known as the “Fannie Wagon.” In 1974 the RVFD purchased Canteen 3 for the Auxiliary.

A new unit, pictured above, was placed in service in 2002.

The purpose of our Auxiliary is to aide the regular activities of the RVFD and the community. They cook and serve at all RVFD monthly membership meetings, help the County Fire & Rescue Corporations upon request, provide mutual aide, promote friendship among other auxiliaries, and promote fire and safety educational programs.

We are also available around the clock to respond with Canteen 733 to provide drinks and refreshments to units and personnel on the scene of extended fire/rescue incidents.

They are a member of both the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association’s Auxiliary and Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association.