The Rockville Volunteer Fire Department owns or operates four stations in the Rockville/Potomac area of Montgomery County. RVFD’s response area includes much of central Montgomery County and parts of the I270 corridor. As RVFD operates under the auspices of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, there is automatic dispatching based on whichever unit(s) is closest to an incident. There are also standard dispatch criteria for the various incident types. For example, a building fire assignment throughout the county includes 5 engines, two ladder or aerial trucks, one rescue squad, one ambulance and four command officers.

The statistics displayed in this section are unit responses. Based on dispatch criteria, there may be multiple units dispatched to a single incident.

Please visit the Apparatus and Station Numbering page to understand how units are numbered in Montgomery County.


The primary unit at a station does not include the “A” designation. The second unit of the same type at a station includes the “B” designation, for example A703B

  • A7XX – ambulances.
  • ALS7XX – paramedic chase car
  • AT7XX – aerial tower
  • PAT7XX – arial tower with paramedic capability
  • E7XX – engine
  • PE7XX – engine with paramedic capability
  • M7XX – paramedic ambulance
  • RS7XX – heavy rescue squad
  • PRS7XX – heavy rescue squad with paramedic capability
  • T7XX – ladder truck, either straight stick or tiller
  • PT7XX – ladder truck with paramedic capability