ALS Chase Car Placed in Service

RVFD is pleased to announce we have place in service an advanced life support chase car to be known as ALS703. The chase car will be staffed with RVFD volunteer paramedics, when available. This new service will supplement existing ALS service now being provided with a paramedic transport unit (Medic 703) and the paramedic-staffed engine.

The chase car, a 2016 Chevy Tahoe, was purchased in part from grant funds received from the City of Rockville.

The unit will carry the full array of ALS equipment including a cardiac monitor/defibrillator, ALS medications, a Lucas CPR device and airway management equipment. It will be dispatched along with a basic life support (BLS) ambulance staffed with emergency medical technicians. If ALS service is not necessary, the unit will be placed in service, making ALS service available more quickly than if the call was dispatched for an ALS transport unit.

RVFD would like to thank the citizens of Rockville, the Mayor and City Council for their generous support of this program.


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