Apartment Fire

July 31, 2014 – RVFD and MCFRS units were dispatched at 11:42p to a reported apartment fire on Burnside Dr. in Rockville. While units were responding, MoCo Communications advised they had received several calls indicating a working fire and they were sending the rapid intervention dispatch. MCFRS Volunteer Chief Hinde was the first to arrive and reported fire showing from the second floor of a three-story garden-style apartment building. The entrance to the building was on a walkway on the opposite side of the building from the street.

E703 and E725 extended a leader line to the front door and then attacked and extinguished the fire on the second floor. By the time crews had arrived, the fire had extended from the second floor into the room above the fire on the third floor. Other units brought a second line and extinguished the fire on the third floor. A fire task force was requested, however those units were not needed as the fire on both floors was extinguished quickly and there was no extension into other apartments or the adjacent building.

Two occupants of the primary fire apartment were transported for possible smoke inhalation. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Units responding: E725, E703, E721, E723, E740, T725, AT703, RS703, A725, VDOC (C703F) – command, DOC, B/C704, B/C703, C705C, C705B, Volunteer Chief

Rapid Intervention units: AT723, RS742B, M725, Canteen 705, Air 733. Task force units: E732, E718.

Click here for additional images from RVFD photographer Beverly Jensen.

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