Attic Fire in Gaithersburg

March 9, 2015 – RVFD and MCFRS units were dispatched at 2:29p for a reported house fire on Quantum Pl. in Gaithersburg. Company 28 units arrived to find a single family house with fire showing from the roof. RVFD Chief 703G established command. Due to the number of calls received by MontCo Emergency Communications Center, the rapid intervention dispatch had already been sent.

Crews attacked the fire from the interior. E703 was assigned to exterior operations and AT703’s crew worked on exterior roof operations using AT708.  . The fire was then quickly brought under control. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries . The cause of the fire was determined to be an exhust fan in a second floor bathroom.

Units responding: E728, E708, E732, E717, E703, AT708, AT703, RS717, A728, C703G, BC703, BC705

Rapid Intervention Dispatch: T731, RS729, M708

Task Force: E729, E731, T749, Air 733, Canteen 708



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