Chimney Fire Extends to Roof

April 5, 2014 – RVFD and MCFRS units were dispatched to a reported house fire on Snapdragon Ct. in N. Potomac, just west of Rockville. First arriving units found fire involving the top portion of a wood encased chimney with extension to the roof. While responding, 911 Dispatch advised units that due to multiple calls, they were starting the Rapid Intervention Dispatch. C703C arrived just after the first engine and established command.

Crews first flowed water on the exterior of the house to knock down the fire and then entered the second floor to access the attic space under where the roof was burning. The fire was extinguished with interior and exterior crews working in coordination. Crews then accessed the roof to pull up shingles to ensure no fire remained between the roof and underlying plywood decking.

Responding units: E732, E731, R703B, E753, E733, T731, AT703, RS703, A732, C703C, Vol. B/C703, B/C703, B/C705, DOC, Safety 700, FM752, FM758

Rapid Intervention: AT708, RS729, M731