Christmas Holiday Keeps Volunteers Busy

December 26, 2014 – Rockville Volunteers had a very busy Christmas Holiday.  Just after 5pm on Christmas Day, Company 3 units were alerted for the reported townhouse on fire in the vicinity of Victory Farm Dr. & Girard St. in Gaithersburg.  While responding, Montgomery County Communications updated the location to an address onAnna Ct.  First arriving units found a quad group of townhouses with fire showing from the second floor. 

Engine 703 deployed a hand line to the rear and was assigned to Division 1.  AT703 placed ladders on all sides of the structure and opened windows to vent the building, while Rescue Squad 703 performed searches.  E703 and AT703 crews quickly deployed salvage covers on the first floor to protect family valuables and unopened Christmas packages.  After fire and salvage operations were complete, units picked up and returned to enjoy a Christmas Dinner together back at Station 3.

Units Responding: Engines 708, 728, 732, 703, 717, AT708, AT703, RS703, Medic 708, BC705, BC703, C703B
Rapid intervention dispatch: T731, RS717, M708B

AT 1:35a on December 26, Companies 23 & 3 were dispatched for the reported house fire on Marcia Ct in the Twinbrook neighborhood of Rockville.   Company 3 arrived to find a small fire which had started due to an electrical malfunction.  The fire was quickly extinguished and crews found no extension and returned to service.

Units Responding: Engines 723, 721, 703, 725, 718, AT723, AT703, RS703, Ambulance 723, BC704, BC703, C703B

AT 10:25p on December 26, RVFD  units responded to the 1200 block Edmonston Drive in Rockcrest for ta reported house fire.  Company 3 found fire out and the assignment was quickly released with E703 to stand by for the arson investigators due to the suspicious nature of the fire.

Units Responding: Engines 703, 723, 721, 732, 725, AT703, AT723, RS703, Medic 703, BC703, BC704, Volunteer Chief, VBC703

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