Fire Damages Church Offices

January 10, 2015 – RVFD and MCFRS units were alerted at 8:05a for reported smoke in a building adjacent to St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church on Montrose Rd. First arriving units found fire showing from the attic area of a church office building next to the main church. E723’s crew attacked the fire from the inside and were later assisted by other units. Crews deployed salvage covers in the offices on the main floor of the building to protect the equipment. The fire was quickly controlled. One firefighter suffered minor injuries after slipping on the ice. Firefighters were hampered by the extreme cold. Temperatures at the time of the fire were about 15 degrees. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Units responding: E723, E726, E733, E703, E721, AT723, AT703, RS703, A723, VDC700 (C703G-command), BC703, BC702, C703C, DC700.

Rapid Intervention dispatch: AT751, RS742, M723

Task force: E705B, E720, AT718, AR733, CT733

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