Fund Raiser at Giuseppi’s

The Rockville Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD) is thrilled to announce a pair of upcoming community fundraisers at Rockville’s own Giuseppi’s Pizza Plus, on the evenings of Thursday May 30th and Thursday June 6th at 5pm. Giuseppi’s is located at 199-L East Montgomery Ave. in Rockville.

In the aftermath of hackers stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from us while we worked to purchase a pair of ambulances to better serve the people of Rockville, we have been overjoyed with the outpouring of support from our partners in the community and local government.

While our finances remain firm due to generations of support from our fellow Marylanders, we have received thousands of dollars in donations from community members who want to donate directly to our Ambulance Recovery Fund.

We are grateful that Giuseppi’s–itself a staple of our community–has generously offered to host us a pair of fundraisers where a portion of the proceeds will benefit the RVFD ambulance replacement fund. We are further grateful to the several community leaders who will be attending.

“For over 100 years, RVFD has been there for our community when they need us, and we are incredibly thankful for the support we have received from all corners of our response area–and from beyond,” RVFD President Eric Bernard said. “While we are normally at our happiest while responding to tens of thousands of calls every year, we are excited to partner with Giuseppi’s for evenings of good pizza that is, more importantly, going to a great cause.”

Media are encouraged to attend both community fundraisers

Founded in 1921, the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department has grown to become the largest volunteer fire department in Maryland, with a membership exceeding 350 individuals. In 2023 RVFD’s Station 3 had a total of 14,662 unit responses making Rockville Volunteers some of the most active firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics in the nation.

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