Back to Back Trap Jobs 11/24/2004





Back to Back Trap Jobs For Rescue Engine 33 - November 24, 2004 - At 1756 hours, Medic 239, Rescue Engine 33, Engine 231, and Chief 3 responded to 1327 Rockville Pike for one trapped in front of the Sunshine Square Shopping Center. Rescue Engine 33 arrived on the scene and removed the front door of the vehicle, allowing EMS crew access to the patient. Just after popping the door and removing the patient, Engine 311 and Medic 319 arrived on the scene at Darnestown Road and Great Seneca Highway to find one trapped. Rescue Engine 33 quickly packed its tools and went enroute to the other trap job at 1811 hours. Chief 3 and Rescue Engine 33 arrived on the scene to assist Company 31 units with a side wall removal. Extrication was performed quickly and the patient was removed from the vehicle.


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