Bowie Road Fire - Friday, January 21, 2005



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Heavy Fire In Company 3's Area - January 21, 2005 - At 1630 hours, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department units were dispatched to a reported house on fire on Bowie Rd. in Rockville. As Chief 3-1 approached the scene, he could see a column of smoke indicating a working fire and asked for a safety dispatch. When he arrived on the scene with Rescue Engine 33, he reported heavy fire showing from sides "A" and "B" of the house. The fire apparently started in the utility room on side "B" of the house and extended into the first floor and second floor of the house. There was a simultaneous fire attack on the first and second floor of the house. After the initial knockdown, Aerial Tower 23 began to ventilate the building, by cutting a hole in the roof. Once ventilated, units reported additional fire showing under the eaves and around the chimney. Chief 3-1 requested a task force assignment.


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