Heavy Fire For Company 31 - November 19, 2005



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Heavy Fire For Company 31 - November 19, 2005 - Rockville firefighters were kept busy today with a working fire in Company 31's area. At 1629 hours, Engine 311, Engine 33, Truck 31, Medic 319, and other MCFRS units responded to Melmark Court, box area 31-32, for the house on fire. Company 31 arrived on the scene with heavy fire in an attached garage on sides "A" and "B", extending rapidly through the attic, and eventually out the gable on side "D." The safety and task force assignments were added, bringing Engine 331, Truck 3, Hose Tender 3, and Ambulance 38. Engine 311 made an aggressive knock on the fire in the garage and attic, while Engine 33 pulled a backup line to division 2 to assist and Truck 31 opened hooked to up the house. Total damage to the structure was approximately $275,000. Chief 3-1 and Chief 3-3 were also on the scene.


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