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Provide or Donate Meals for RVFD

RVFD is looking to partner with local restaurants to provide meals to on-duty personnel. 

The fire service has a long tradition of preparing our meals together but during this emergency we have insufficient time to shop and cook. If you are a restaurant or caterer who would like to work with us to prepare meals for out on-duty personnel, please email us at with your contact information so we can work with you to schedule meal deliveries purchased by RVFD. Our preference is to set up a weekly schedule.

We will work with the local restaurants to develop menus based on our budget and we will thank you publicly on our social media platforms. We can also offer tax donation letters for the difference between the payment and your cost.

If you are a citizen who would like to donate a meal, we cannot accept home prepared food at this time. The easiest and best way is to donate money HERE.  Our meal coordinator will work with local restaurants to set up lunches and dinners for the on-duty crews.  Any money you donate will be used for meals.  We will also let you know what meal you purchased and from what restaurant.  Your monetary donation helps not only the RVFD but the local restaurants who are also struggling.  Please also send us an email at and include your name and contact information so we can acknowledge your donation.