Diesel Leak Delays Commuters

November 2, 2016 – RVFD and MCFRS Haz-Mat units were dispatched to a reported diesel leak on a train in the vicinity of the Randolph Rd. crossing at about 5:30p. Upon arrival, and after walking abut 1/2 mile down the tracks, Station 23 personnel found a MARC (Maryland commuter rail) train stopped after experiencing a diesel lead in the engine compartment of the locomotive. The engineer advised it had likely been leaking for several miles. There appeared to be a… Read more »

Rockville City Council Inspects ALS Chase Car

October 10, 2016 – Officers and Members of the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department presented ALS703 to the Rockville Mayor and Council. The unit which was recently placed in service was purchased with grant funding from the City of Rockville. The RVFD would like to thank Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton and the council for their support to the RVFD and the citizens we serve. ALS703 staffed with a Paramedic responds to reported critical emergency medical calls alongside an ambulance staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians.  ALS703 allows the paramedic to… Read more »

ALS Chase Car Placed in Service

RVFD is pleased to announce we have place in service an advanced life support chase car to be known as ALS703. The chase car will be staffed with RVFD volunteer paramedics, when available. This new service will supplement existing ALS service now being provided with a paramedic transport unit (Medic 703) and the paramedic-staffed engine. The chase car, a 2016 Chevy Tahoe, was purchased in part from grant funds received from the City of Rockville. The unit will carry the… Read more »

Line of Duty Death Anniversary

July 21, 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the only line of duty death in RVFD history. RVFD members pause today to remember Private Elwood H. Smith who gave his life in during an attempted rescue of trapped flood victims. On July 21, 1956, the Washington area was hit with heavy rainfall, causing flash flood conditions. RVFD was kept very busy answering calls for assistance throughout the Rockville area. At approximately 3:30am, Rescue Squad 3 and Boat 3 were dispatched for a… Read more »

Collision Injures State Trooper

June 25, 2016 – RVFD units responded at 6:53a to a reported collision with entrapment on I270 between W. Montgomery Ave. and Shady Grove Rd. Upon arrival they found a car had struck an Maryland State Police car on a traffic stop, trapping the state trooper in his vehicle. The main lanes of I270 were closed down while crews extricated the trooper from the heavily damaged car and a Maryland State Police medevac helicopter landed. The trooper was transported by helicopter… Read more »

Rockville Chamber Honors RVFD Volunteers

June 9, 2016 – The Rockville Chamber of Commerce honored several RVFD volunteers at their annual Public Safety Awards ceremony held at Lakewood Country Club on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Six RVFD members were presented the Meritorious Service Citation for their volunteer efforts supporting the Greater Rockville Community. The Meritorious Service Citation is presented to a public safety member for service rendered that does not fall within the guidelines of one of the other awards but is, in the opinion… Read more »

RVFD Celebrates 95th Anniversary

April 16, 2016 – On March 9, 1921, 51 men gathered to discuss the establishment of a volunteer fire department. The meeting was called following a devastating fire at a store that could have spread to the entire town center if not for the assistance provided by the District of Columbia Fire Department. Representatives from the group met with Rockville’s mayor and council who approved the plans to organize the department. Over the next two years, this group, along with other members… Read more »

Attic Fire in Gaithersburg

March 9, 2015 – RVFD and MCFRS units were dispatched at 2:29p for a reported house fire on Quantum Pl. in Gaithersburg. Company 28 units arrived to find a single family house with fire showing from the roof. RVFD Chief 703G established command. Due to the number of calls received by MontCo Emergency Communications Center, the rapid intervention dispatch had already been sent. Crews attacked the fire from the interior. E703 was assigned to exterior operations and AT703’s crew worked… Read more »

2015 Unit Response Statistics

The 2015 unit response statistics for the four RVFD stations are now available. Station 3 Engine 703 – 2,263 Engine 703B – 745 Aerial Tower 703 – 2,041 Rescue Squad 703 – 1,835 Ambulance 703 – 2,626 Ambulance 703B – 589 Medic 703 – 2,769 Miscellaneous other unit responses – 71 Command Officer responses – 1,030 Total Station 3 unit responses  – 12,926 Station 23 Engine 723 – 2,979 Aerial Tower (or Truck) 723 – 2,178 Ambulance 723 – 2,946… Read more »

Collision with Entrapment

January 8, 2016 – RVFD units were dispatched at 8:20pm for a reported collision at First St. and Maple Ave. in Rockville. Arriving units found a 3-vehicle collision involving two SUVs and one sedan with one patient trapped in the sedan. The crew from Rescue Squad 703 used hydraulic rescue tools to remove the front and rear doors and allow safe extrication of the driver, who was transported to a local trauma center. Units responding: A703, M703, RS703, E703B, Chief… Read more »