RVFD Awards

On March 9, 1921, following a devastating fire in downtown Rockville that threatened the whole area, 51 men gathered to discuss the establishment of a volunteer fire department.

Representatives from the group then met with Rockville’s mayor and council who approved plans to organize the department. Over the next two years, this group, along with other members of the community, raised money to purchase a fire engine and further organize the department. The new Rockville Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated on January 15, 1924.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude for these citizens, who volunteered their time and energy to establish this department to provide a valuable service to their community. RVFD members gathered on Saturday March 23, 2024 to celebrate 103 years of continuous service to the citizens of Rockville and Montgomery County  and to honor those current members who continue that legacy of dedication, service and sacrifice.

The Distinguished Service Award, which is presented to a member with at least 20 years of service who has contributed in multiple ways during their entire volunteer service time was bestowed on Past Chief W. Paul Quigley.

(l-r) RVFD President Eric Bernard, Chief Quigley, RVFD Chief Craig Lazar

The Chief William Alan Hinde Leadership Award, new for 2024, is awarded to a member who embodies the same level of dedication, sacrifice, and leadership through their membership that Chief Hinde exemplified during his tenure. Chief Hinde, who passed away in 2021 after 47 years of active service, was a command officer within Rockville and Montgomery County for 37 years. This year’s award was presented by RVFD First Deputy Chief Christopher Hinde, Chief Hinde’s son, to Deputy Chief James Shank.

(l-r) Chief C. Lazar, D/C Shank, President E. Bernard, Freshta and Christopher Hinde

Other awards presented were:

President’s AwardAmy Orndorff
Fire Chief’s AwardCapt. Casey King
Officer of the YearLt. Dylan Leonard
Firefighter of the YearFFIII Nathan Hanshew
EMS Member of the YearClara Ferrari
Probationer of the YearPeter Maher



In 2023, RVFD members recorded 117,204 hours of in-station standby. Those with the highest levels of standby time were:

Live-in members: Ameen Elhamdani – 3,240 hours, Eleanor Moore – 3,150 hours and Anastasia Korotcova – 2,856 hours
Non-Live-in members: Nathan Hanshew – 1,335 hours, Alain Pankopf – 1,085 hours and Devin Streight – 1,050 hours

The four RVFD stations responded to 21,716 incidents in 2023, with Station 3 running 7,783 calls. RVFD volunteers responded to many of those calls, including:

Live-in members: Ameen Elhamdani – 580 calls, Eleanor Moore – 479 calls and Kekeli Israel Ahama – 387 calls
Non-Live-in members: John McGowan – 284 calls, Steven Fay – 240 calls and Nelly Sypowica – 238 calls.

Members were also recognized for their anniversary milestones on 2023:

55 Years
David Shoemaker
Dennis McCune
50 Years
Dr. Norman Forster
Roger Williamson
45 Years
Leonard Chornock
35 Years
Eric Bernard
Stanley Soya
Steven Fay
30 Years
Peggy Miller
20 Years
Shelly Bevacqua
Kathleen Dayton
Michael Pokorny
Raymond Mullican
Avital Graves
Michael Ader
Edward Tenney
Joel Rogozinski
15 Years and Life Membership
Casey King
Christopher Vincent
10 Years
Analis Amaro-Sedano
Christpher Hallock
Jeong Lee
Alain Pankopf
Freshta Hinde
Michael Hamilton
Benjamin Shambon
5 Years
Patrick Brown
Justin Baker
Ross Gordon
Taylor Kowansky
Anthony Graham
Nicholas Peang-Meth
Arlene Cohen
Mark Livingstone
Grant Peyronel
Cassandra Hedetniemi
Eleanor Moore
Ameen Elhamdani

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