RVFD New Engine

The RVFD is proud to place in service it’s 2015 Pierce Arrow 1500GPM single stage pumper. The unit is a fully equipped class A pumper with a compressed air foam system (CAFS). The unit will be designated as Engine 703B.

The engine has two 1 3/4″ cross-lays, a front bumper “trash line” with 150′ of 1 1/2′ hose, 2000 feet of 4″ supply line, a 400′ 2″ attack line, a 250′ 2 1/2″ attack line and 300′ of 3″ hose for a leader line, front and rear intakes and a hose reel with 150′ of 1″ hose.

The unit cost $750,000 and is paid for using donations from our community and grant funds.



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