RVFD Places New Engine in Service

The Rockville Volunteer Fire Department placed our new 2022 Seagrave fire engine in service on Saturday February 4, 2023. The new engine was dedicated in memory of past Chief Scott Emmons. Unlike many other Montgomery County fire engines, the new Engine 703 is owned by the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department. Engine 703, capable of pumping 2,000 gpm, was built by Seagrave Fire Apparatus in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Within three minutes of being placed in service, the engine was dispatched on its first emergency call.

The almost $1 million engine was purchased with grant funds and donation from the public. In addition to the new engine, we will have on display other former RVFD engines now owned by private citizens.

“Donations to RVFD are used for volunteer support and operations, purchase of apparatus, such as the [Engine discussed in this article], community fire safety events and activities and towards construction of a new fire station.” Donations can be made online or mailed to the RVFD. Additionally, the RVFD recently announced plans for the launch of an online store, providing another way for supporters to contribute and demonstrate their support.

In 2022, units from Rockville Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, where this new Engine is housed, responded to 13,555 calls, according to MCFRS. This made Rockville’s Station 3 the third busiest station in all of Montgomery County.

Watch the dedication ceremony

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