Serious Collision in Rockville

October 26, 2019 – RVFD personnel responded to a serious single vehicle auto collision on N. Washington St. in downtown Rockville. A single vehicle with three occupants apparently lost control while turning from Beall Ave. onto N. Washington St. and struck a tree. A703, responding to another incident, came across the collision shortly after it occurred. After requesting the full ALS assignment, the crew immediately initiated care to the rear seat passenger who was found in cardiac arrest. ALS703, returning from a training detail arrived shortly afterwards and along with another RVFD paramedic who also came across the scene shortly after it happened, provided immediate advanced life support care. As other units arrived, the paramedics from E703 and RS703 also assisted with care.

Personnel from other units provided advanced life support care to the other two front seat occupants. All victims were transported to a local trauma center where, unfortunately, two succumbed to their injuries.

Rockville City and Montgomery County Police initiated the collision investigation process due to the serious nature of the injuries.

Units responding: A703, M723, A733, RS703, E703, ALS703, C703H (incident command), C703, B/C703, EMS703.


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