Townhouse Fire in Potomac

July 7, 2014 – RVFD and MCFRS units were dispatched at about 10p for a reported townhouse fire on Greenleaf Ave. in Potomac. Upon arrival, B/C703 reported a center of the row townhouse with fire showing from the rear of the structure. Due to multiple calls, MoCo communications had already sent the rapid intervention dispatch. Units found fire on the second floor and in the attic area as well as on the exterior of the structure. While companies were preparing to mount an interior attack on the fire, other companies attacked the exterior fire in the rear.

The fire was quickly extinguished, however, due to the type of insulation in the attic, extensive overhaul operations were required. Due to initial water supply issued, a task force was requested. Task force units, other than the air unit and canteen, were placed in service while still responding. Units cleared around 3am. There were no injuries and no extension to adjacent townhomes. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Units responding: E733, E723, E726, E703, E732, AT723, AT703, RS703, A723, B/C703 (command), B/C702, C703B, VDOC, DOC, S700, EMS703

RID: T710, RS741, M723

Task Force (not used): E710, E730, T725, Air 733, Canteen 733.

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