Training Day for RVFD

RVFD members participate in training almost every day. Some attend classes at the Montgomery County Public Service Training Academy (PSTA), some attend outside conferences or seminars and most participate in training on their duty shift. Occasionally special training is conducted, such as on Saturday June 11, 2022 when RVFD members went to the Maryland Fire/Rescue Institute (MFRI) in College Park to improve their skills during a “live burn”.

A live burn is an exercise where members can experience live fire conditions in a controlled environment. Due to restriction related to the PSTA’s location near the Montgomery Airpark, live burns are not permitted there. The opportunity to go to the College Park facility was greatly appreciated. RVFD members were able to practice hose evolutions, ladder evolutions and experience smoke conditions that are not possible in simulated evolutions at the PSTA. RVFD thanks MFRI for allowing our members to have this experience.

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